Toxic People

Distance yourself from anything and anyone that doesn’t motivate you, inspire you or makes you a better person by them being in your life. A rotten apple really does spoil the entire barrel and that applies to toxic people as well, a toxic person in your life makes you think toxic things, feel toxic things and they will bring you down.

Surround yourself with people who help to build you up. Who are sure that they want you in your life. You shouldn’t have to guess from day to day, from hour to hour where you stand with someone. If someone makes you feel like that simply walk away. Life is too short to be around people who are not sure of themselves, who bring you down and put you down and accuse you of the things they’re doing simply because it is easier for someone to blame someone else and to reflect their negative actions onto someone else than to actually work on themselves.

Personal growth is not easy. It is painful but working through that pain is what fuels your growth and as you grow and you distance yourself from the toxic people who may have once meant so much to you that you start to question why you allowed yourself to put up with their bullshit for as long as you did.

Once your eyes are open and you see people for what they truly are you can continue your own growth confident in the knowledge that your life is so much better without them in it.

If you want something work for it!

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