Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to better yourself. Without challenge in our lives we are stagnant. We don’t progress, we don’t improve, we become shells of what we could be. A ghost like apparition of the greatness that could have been. So challenge yourself to better yourself.  Challenge yourself to do something that [...]

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First Step

One of the questions I get asked the most is how do I start? There is SO much information out there and different diets it’s overwhelming for someone just starting out on their fitness journey.  The best advice I can give anyone just starting out is to follow the KISS [...]

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Toxic People

Distance yourself from anything and anyone that doesn’t motivate you, inspire you or makes you a better person by them being in your life. A rotten apple really does spoil the entire barrel and that applies to toxic people as well, a toxic person in your life makes you think [...]

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I’ve always been an emotional person. For years I’d take those emotions and try to push them down, bottle them up, don’t let them out. Don’t let them bubble up to the surface. It was seen as a sign of weakness to show any type of emotion. I was raised [...]

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“I had such horrible day today; I’m going to order a pizza and get some beer. OH! Some chicken wings too!!! That’ll perk me up” “OMG!!! I can’t believe she broke up with me to date him! I’m getting a cheesecake!” “I GOT THE PROMOTION! We’re going out for dinner [...]

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