Challenge Yourself

Challenge yourself to better yourself.

Without challenge in our lives we are stagnant. We don’t progress, we don’t improve, we become shells of what we could be. A ghost like apparition of the greatness that could have been.

So challenge yourself to better yourself.  Challenge yourself to do something that scares you. Challenge yourself to get out of your comfort zone. It is only outside of your comfort zone where great things can happen. Staying in your comfort zone, staying stagnant will stifle you. Restrict your creativity, restrict your strength, your emotions and cause you a slow pointless decline to death. While in that comfort zone you don’t realize you are dying until it is too late. One day you open your eyes and realize you’re old, you let the best parts of your life slip by and just sat and watched your life like you were an observer to it and not the captain of your journey.

Life is too short to sit back and wait to see what happens to you. Make your life your best life by taking charge, take control of your life and if people don’t like it they don’t belong in your life. Life is too short to waste anytime being around toxic people

Society today is designed to force us to conform. Don’t step out of line, being abnormal is bad, my favourite growing up was hearing my mother say “What would the neighbours think?”

Mom with all due respect Fuck what the neighbours think!!!

I live my life for me. I go against what society deems we should do and I live the life I have dreamt of living since I was a child.

Think back to when you were a child… think back to the last time you felt free. I mean absolutely free. Was it when you were riding a bike down a huge hill? Feeling the wind through your hair and the sun on your face without a single care in the world? Or was it playing in the yard with your childhood friends?

When was the last time you felt like that?  When was it?

If you have to think about it it’s been too long.

Challenge yourself to quite simply live your best life because if you want something work for it and life is way too short not to live it.

Blake Gauthier

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