I’ve always been an emotional person. For years I’d take those emotions and try to push them down, bottle them up, don’t let them out. Don’t let them bubble up to the surface. It was seen as a sign of weakness to show any type of emotion. I was raised that men don’t show emotion, we keep it inside and just soldier on.  Head held high, shoulders back and forward march. That is the way my dad did it. That’s what worked for my dad and his father before him…

That has never really worked out for me.

The emotions would build inside of me until the slightest thing would tip the scales and all of those emotions I had tried to hold back would come rushing out and I’d erupt like the Hulk and destroy a god damn city. Maybe not a city but usually at the expense of someone who didn’t deserve it by any means.

Now I use those emotions as fuel. Fuel to push myself. Fuel to keep me motivated to keep pushing. Fuel to get done everything that needs to get done.

Take a good long hard look at yourself and identify what characteristics you have that you want to work on and put in the work. Make those characteristics work for you not against you.

And when those moments happen and they WILL happen that the emotions get to be too much push them deep down but do NOT bury them. Keep them there just under the surface so the next time you’re in the gym tap into those feelings… tap into the anger.. tap into the madness… tap into whatever it is that’s inside of you and LET IT OUT!

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